Demand Driven Technologies Launches Intuiflow

By Nicole Marcillac

Cloud-Based Suite Fuses AI/ML with Demand Driven Methods to Deliver Effortless Supply Chain Agility

Atlanta, February 15, 2022 – Demand Driven Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Intuiflow, a comprehensive suite of Integrated Business Planning solutions that helps supply chain leaders boost visibility and power fast, agile business performance.

Intuiflow unites the company’s flagship Demand Driven software — Replenishment+, APM (Advanced Planning Module), and DBR+ — in a single cloud-based solution and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand to optimize buffers faster and more accurately than ever before. By helping companies connect what they build to changing market demand, Intuiflow makes agility intuitive, enabling executives to use real-time data to drive priorities and chart the best way forward.

“Intuiflow takes Demand Driven methods, widely recognized for their ability to power sustainable business improvements, to the next level. It helps manufacturing companies get ahead of volatile markets while compressing lead times, improving service levels, and boosting agility across complex global supply chains,” said Erik Bush, CEO and co-founder of Demand Driven Technologies.

Headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Redmond, WA and Bordeaux, France, Demand  Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions in 2011 to help manufacturing and distribution companies build more responsive, reliable operations. These solutions quickly set an industry standard for their ability to deliver tangible service level improvements and power end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Intuiflow uses AI/ML to make results even easier and faster to achieve. Whereas most supply chain solutions use AI/ML to refine their forecasting algorithms, Intuiflow leverages it to identify shifts in demand and deliver faster and more actionable insights about new threats and opportunities. Thanks to these advanced techniques, companies can achieve more dynamic resource optimization, build more agile production and scheduling capabilities, and realize faster time-to-value on all their supply chain initiatives, from strategy to the shop floor.

At a time when production delays and port container pileups have impacted nearly every industry, the need for smart, sustainable supply chain solutions has never been more urgent. Intuiflow makes it easy to adapt to these disruptions and boost operational efficiency.

About Demand Driven Technologies: Demand Driven Technologies leverages the groundbreaking Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) methodology to help companies align materials to fast-changing market requirements. Our cloud-based planning and execution technologies integrate with all major ERPs—bringing supply chain leaders the visibility and insights they need to optimize complex materials flows.

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Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions: Replenishment+, APM, and DBR+. Now, we’re uniting those solutions into a single, powerful solution. Meet Intuiflow.

What’s in a name?

Our solutions are built to make supply chain management intuitive — and help manufacturers ensure the best flow of materials through their supply chains.

What’s changed?

Intuiflow integrates all our solutions into a single, powerful platform — and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand faster and more accurately than ever before.

What does that mean?

Intuiflow brings you DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance in one suite, powering critical synergies across the business.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow