Small Data vs Big Data for Supply Chains

Instead of Big Data, Why Don’t We Take Care of our Small Data First? Big data and advanced analytics are front page news in the supply chain and have been on the rise for years in the vocabulary of consulting firms and software vendors.  Accumulating masses of information, passing it through the mill of statistical … Read more

Flow Simulation Game: January

Join us on January 12 from 9 AM EST to 12 PM EST for the Flow Simulation Game, an online, interactive and educational workshop based off of the classic supply chain “beer game”, used to demonstrate the power of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). This 3 hour course comprises of a complete overview of … Read more

Digital Supply Chain 2020

Join us at the FAPICS, Digital Supply Chain Event on December 8 and 9. Since 2008, the “New normal” is VUCA. Launched in France in 2012 with members and partners of FAPICS (now AfrSCM), the DDMRP methodology increases service rates by reducing inventory in the face of variable markets. Discover how the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise … Read more

What is the Use of Forecasting?

If the forecasts are wrong, what is the point of forecasting?  The subject of forecasting has been stirring the supply chain community for ages. We have invested a lot, and continue to invest in this subject, with a renewed interest in the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data. We are keeping our fingers crossed: perhaps … Read more