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Supply Chain Digitization Myths: Debunking Magic Solutions

Magician waving a wand

I think supply chain managers see themselves as pragmatic, concrete people.  Confronted with the reality of customers to deliver to, production resources to manage as best they can, and supplier relations to nurture, they should have both feet on the ground and some common sense.  There’s really no room for magic in this field, is … Read more

Load and Capacity Management: Boost Your Productivity

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In one of my first professional experiences, at the end of the 80s, I was in charge of the methods team at an industrial site. Our team included specialists in time studies, who had applied MTM (Methods Time Measurement) methods to best evaluate routings. In particular, these routings were used to define productivity targets. We … Read more

Deterministic to Stochastic Models in Demand-Driven Planning

Casting Dice from a Hand

Our companies operate according to plans. We draw up forecasts, draw up budgets, formalize a production program, and allocate our resources to execute this plan. MRP2 logic is firmly rooted in this principle: business plan, S&OP, master production schedule, capacity and bottleneck network, everything follows and cascades in a hierarchical and deterministic manner, with plans … Read more

Unlocking Supply Chain Decision-Making Secrets

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At our French user conference in June 2023, our partner DFYA reminded us that we’re constantly making a huge number of decisions. One figure put forward is 35,000 decisions per day for an adult human. If you do an Internet search on the number of decisions per day, Google will indeed give you 35,000. However, the … Read more

New Partnership: Intuiflow and SKU Science Elevate Demand Planning Excellence

Demand Driven Technologies announces strategic partnership with SKU Science

[Atlanta, GA – 9/5/2023 ] – Demand Driven Technologies, an emerging leader in supply chain management solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with SKU Science, a frontrunner in fast and effective demand planning and forecasting. This collaboration brings together two industry-leading innovators to empower businesses with unparalleled agility and resilience in their supply … Read more

Intuiflow x SKU Science | The Alliance of Simplicity

Picture showing how Intuiflow and SKU Science 'fit' together

Today we announce the partnership between Demand Driven Technologies, specialists in DDMRP, and SKU Science, specialists in demand planning. What are the benefits of this collaboration for supply chain professionals? With the need for speed, agility, and resilience, the supply chain has become the beating heart of modern businesses, playing a crucial role in determining … Read more