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Unveiling Hidden Flows and Ensuring On-Time Delivery

Close-up view of cooked spaghetti noodles tangled together.

A supply chain, industrial operations or distribution operations, is above all a flow. We start with raw materials, and a few steps later we have a finished product that meets a market need. That “a few steps later” is sometimes an understatement. I remember a crisis cell when I worked in electronics, because we were … Read more

Towards Digital Frugality

A robotic hand holding a pink piggy bank against a white background.

I recently attended a Supply Chain conference, where it became clear that we, industry professionals, have been terrible predators – criminals. Over the past 4 decades, we have relocated production to distant countries, skillfully built up long and complex supply chains, and multiplied transport volumes and the associated carbon emissions. Forbes recently published an article … Read more

Should you Reschedule in Real Time?

Five clock poles set at the same time in front of green, leafy trees.

For your production orders or supplier orders, having promised dates in the past means you know how to travel time: “We’ll receive this last week” – remember the De Lorean? Do you have to constantly replan production steps to ensure your production orders are correctly aligned? Let’s take an example: you have a task list … Read more