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Automotive Supply Chains, Simplified

Find the Signal in the Noise

Beyond Continuous Improvement

The automotive industry has developed sophisticated techniques for dealing with its deep, global network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Yet these traditional concepts were built on the assumption of a stability that no longer exists. Longer lead times, volatile customer demand, and new innovations, variations, and options have all led to increased disruption and volatility.

A New Approach to Automotive Supply Chain Volatility

The challenge for organizations across the automotive industry supply chain is that the replenishment of materials and subcomponents is almost always forecast driven. This process works well for some components, but not for those with a high degree of volatility in demand or supply—especially if their availability is critical to meeting the production schedule.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) aligns replenishment to true market demand by establishing inventory buffers of key materials, enabling constant availability without misaligning materials from actual production requirements. The result: lower inventory levels and expedited freight expenses while maintaining or even increasing on-time, in-full delivery performance.

Supply Meet Actual Demand

By aligning inventory to sales-order driven demand, DDMRP can help you:

Shorten Lead Time

Slash Freight Expedites

Get out of Spreadsheets

Right Size Inventory

Free Working Capital

Eliminate Write-Offs

DDMRP in automotive white paper
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Demand Driven MRP in Automotive

Michelin chooses Intuiflow

Michelin increases service levels while reducing inventory

“The bimodal inventory distribution model disappeared very quickly and the plant planners have an easier way of working.” 

 Thibaut d’Herouville, VP Supply Chain 

Satuerca finds 20% more capacity with DDMRP and Achieves record revenues

“Our Demand Driven MRP processes have significantly improved flow management. Intuiflow is easy to use.”

Xabier Tudanca, Purchase & Logistics Director

Satuerca Building
Yuko Lubricants

Yuko Lubricants reduced overstock and increased sales

“All complex questions have simple answers. And the DDMRP methodology is understandable for both managers and planners.”

Dmitry Vasilyev, CFO

Aptiv implements Demand Driven Planning with Intuiflow

 From pilot to implementing in over 100 plants. Eric Lindstrom, Global Director of Production Control and Logistics, talks about the implementation of Intuiflow.