“Replenishment+ has dramatically reduced the time we spend for planning, and our
expedites from China have been significantly reduced.”

Business Challenge

INDAUX has been inventing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing hardware systems for furniture since 1962. They are the Spanish leader in furniture fittings manufacturing and have become a benchmark brand internationally in more than 70 countries with over 2000 customers worldwide.

The Indaux commercial organization consist of five subsidiaries, four production facilities, and a distribution network in more than 30 countries to assure that Indaux’s products are available on five continents. With more than 25,000 SKUs and a 24 hour delivery service promise, supply chain performance is crucial.

However, Indaux supply chain was suffering due to inefficient planning and replenishment practices, specifically:

  • Thousands of Work In Process (WIP) orders
  • Different planning methods from each factory
  • Complex Bill of Materials (BoM) – 7 levels
  • Buy – Sell portfolio with international sourcing

This implementation was supported by


INDAUX implemented Replenishment+ from Demand Driven Technologies and applied the built-in Demand Driven MRP(DDMRP) concepts including buffer positioning and sizing, and demand signal filtering. These powerful planning and execution processes provided high visibility across the supply chain and aligned production and sourcing with actual demand signals. As an immediate result, demand and manufacturing became synchronized, expedites decreased significantly, and purchased parts inventory was reduced. Replenishment+ is now implemented corporate-wide and all planners benefit from using the same planning methods.

As a result of implementing Replenishment+, INDAUX was able to significantly decrease the amount of expedites. Inventory, specifically purchased parts, reduced by 10%. They have improved their visibility across the entire supply chain and now the planners have a single solution to keep processes and planning aligned and uniformed.

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