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Food & Beverage Supply Chains, Simplified

Order out of Chaos

Get a Fresh View on Inventory

Food & Beverage companies are used to planning around demanding customers, short shelf lives, and seasonal events and promotions.

Yet new regulations, fast-changing trends, increased supply chain complexity, and thin margins have strained existing MRP based planning methods. Inventory accuracy and availability are long-held challenges. Executives struggle to gain the visibility they need to optimize plans and respond to demand volatility. In an ever-changing business climate, how do you optimize supply chain planning in the food industry?

A New Approach to Food & Beverage Supply Chain Challenges

Traditional F&B planning relies on forecasts to anticipate demand. Yet the industry’s rapidly increasing SKU counts have had a dramatic impact on forecast accuracy. Holding higher inventories cuts into already thin margins, to say nothing of product freshness.

Why is Intuiflow by Demand Driven Technologies the perfect supply chain software for food manufacturers? Because it’s powered by Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), a model that aligns replenishment not to forecasts but to market demand from actual customer orders. It works by establishing—and dynamically adapting—inventory buffers of key materials, maintaining efficient flow that flexes with changing demand. The result: better visibility, improved fill rates, and reduced inventory levels.

Ready to see the leading supply chain software for the food industry in action?

Supply Meet Actual Demand

By aligning inventory to sales-order driven demand, DDMRP can help you:

Ensure Freshness

Learn how to ensure your materials stay fresh with DDMRP.

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Ensure Visibility

Learn how to improve visibility across your entire supply chain.

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Get out of Spreadsheets

Learn how to stop planning in spreadsheets.

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Right–size inventory

Learn how to size your inventory correctly.

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Improve order fill rates

Improve Order Fill Rates Learn how to ensure you are getting the correct amount out at the right time.

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Simplify Promotional Planning

Simplify Promotional Planning Learn how to simply your planning around promotional activities.

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DDMRP in food and beverage white paper
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Demand Driven MRP in Food & Beverage

Case Study: Reduce Inventory by 29% Within the First 8 weeks.

“If I had to summarize DDMRP into one word, it would be visibility. We are able to see, at first glance, the actual status of our raw materials and finished goods, which guides us in the right direction to do replenishments in the right order.”

Steven Wicks, Planning Manager, Namibia

Coca Cola chooses Intuiflow

On-Demand Webinar:

How Can Demand Driven MRP Optimize F&B Supply Chains?

Learn why leading F&B manufacturing companies are turning to Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) to optimize their food and beverage supply chain management and improve manufacturing operations.

Case Study: 13X Growth in Sales, 2X Growth in Inventory

DDMRP helped Oregon Freeze Dry decrease raw material inventory by approximately 30% with no reduction in availability. It also supported a 13X growth in sales with only a 2X growth in inventory.

Case Study: Increase Working Capital By 1M Euro

“The implementation wasn’t intrusive to our process. We could run DDMRP side by side with SAP and see the results.”

Rogerio Silva, Executive Director