Demand Driven Technologies Joins LAGO Innovation Fund

By Nicole Marcillac

Demand Driven Technologies is excited to join the LAGO Innovation Fund and its family of innovators. LAGO invests in companies that are disrupting the status quo in their native industries or creating de novo markets through innovative products, services, and technologies. It’s a perfect fit for Demand Driven Technologies, whose groundbreaking supply chain solutions help executives ditch the existing generation of inaccurate, forecasting-based planning methodologies and leverage AI/ML to power agile, demand driven supply chain performance.

“LAGO understands our mission, and we’re excited to have their support as we continue to broaden our market and advance our suite of intuitive, demand driven solutions for improving service levels, compressing lead times and reducing inventory. The solutions provide increased visibility across the supply chain in a very user friendly interface,” said Erik Bush, CEO and co-founder of Demand Driven Technologies.

Many clients in this environment use major ERP systems such as SAP, which offer conventional MRP-based inventory planning applications. By seamlessly integrating Demand Driven Technologies’ solutions into these ERP ecosystems, clients can better plan inventory levels to limit carrying costs and improve turnover.

In a highly competitive global manufacturing environment, Demand Driven Technologies provides critical value-add to its clients, and we are thrilled to have LAGO’s support during our continued expansion.

About LAGO

LAGO Innovation Fund supports the founders and investors of high-growth disruptive companies through bespoke, term loan credit facilities and equity co-investments. LAGO typically provides $3-$30MM of capital to fuel the growth of emerging leaders in diverse sectors such as software, tech-enabled services, eCommerce, food and beverage, gaming, health + wellness, online marketplaces and need-based consumer products. LAGO structures its founder-friendly investments to provide incremental, longer-term investable capital to drive market penetration and ultimately the value of the enterprise. For more information, please visit

About Demand Driven Technologies

Founded in 2011, Demand Driven Technologies leverages the groundbreaking Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) methodology to help companies align materials to fast-changing market requirements. Our cloud-based planning and execution technologies integrate with all major ERPs—bringing supply chain leaders the visibility and insights they need to optimize complex materials flows. For more information, please visit

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