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NextWorld Expands Partner Network With New Demand Driven Technologies Collaboration

Demand Driven Technologies and Nextworld are joining forces to help companies optimize their material flow with industry-leading planning and execution technologies and the only ERP system built on an enterprise-grade, no-code development platform. As supply chains grow more complex—and customers expect ever-faster turnaround times—demand is growing for planning process simplification and real-time visibility into material … Read more

Vendor Managed Inventory: Making It Work

The promise of Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, is great: by sharing information and responsibility, VMI seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides are able to more smoothly and accurately control the flow of materials in a supply chain. The reality is often more complicated. But first, a little history. In the … Read more

Where does your ERP fall short?

As customer demands are on the rise, product proliferation has increased, resulting in complex supply chains. Companies are eager to find a solution that does it all, with the assumption that one tool will make their lives easier. In reality, they are often expensive to implement and don’t meet customer demands.Demand Driven MRP is built … Read more

DDMRP for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

The global health crisis has shone a spotlight on pharmaceutical and medical device supply chains—and highlighted their fragility.  Yet long before the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry was suffering severe shortages, even though drug stock-outs can be life-threatening for patients.  One may wonder about the dynamics that have led over the years to this situation: the … Read more

Enhance planning efficiency and materials flow with Replenishment+ NS

factory - mrp software

How often can planners fully trust what their ERP system is recommending? Companies throughout the world struggle to achieve forecast accuracy above 70%, and when demand is volatile (we’re looking at you 2020), traditional demand planning processes and sustainable results become more challenging. When combining inherently inaccurate forecasts, planning with spreadsheets, and an unstable supply … Read more

Simplexity, Or, How To Preserve Your Available Brain Time!

In 2004, a TV station owner in France created controversy by cynically claiming that he was selling his advertisers “available brain time” from his viewers. More than fifteen years later, the available brain time that most of us possess has shrunk considerably, as we are constantly bombarded by a flow of information, along with explicit … Read more

How to Manage Spikes in Demand

spikes in demand

What is the normal demand for a product, and what’s atypical? How can we size stocks according to demand variability and account for spikes in demand? These issues do not date back to the advent of DDMRP. However, DDMRP gives them a new framework by integrating the notion of “qualified demand” into the net flow … Read more