Capacity, the unloved buffer

pills rolling off production line, governed by demand drivencapacity buffers

There are three types of buffers that help manufacturers deal with variability: stock, time, and capacity. Which is the most powerful?

Demand Driven for the Aerospace Industry

aerospace component machine, delivered on time through demand driven supply chain methods

The aeronautical supply chain was not designed to ensure the fast and reliable flow of goods, but to meet detailed technical, quality, and safety specifications. How can Demand Driven methods help?

How to Reduce Excess and Obsolete Inventory

One of the meeting points for the company’s Finance and Supply Chain teams is the Excess and Obsolete, or “E&O” review. E&O are subject to a financial review at least annually, or quarterly in particular for listed companies. The purpose of this review is to determine the financial reserves to be made in the accounts … Read more

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions: Replenishment+, APM, and DBR+. Now, we’re uniting those solutions into a single, powerful solution. Meet Intuiflow.

What’s in a name?

Our solutions are built to make supply chain management intuitive — and help manufacturers ensure the best flow of materials through their supply chains.

What’s changed?

Intuiflow integrates all our solutions into a single, powerful platform — and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand faster and more accurately than ever before.

What does that mean?

Intuiflow brings you DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance in one suite, powering critical synergies across the business.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow