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Kanban loop or DDMRP buffer? 

Kanban DDMRP Buffer

When you mention a Kanban board to the younger generation, they immediately think of a visualization board for to-do / in-progress / completed tasks – and the Agile project management method. Just do a web search, and that’s what you’ll find… For veterans like me, a Kanban loop is a replenishment management method – when … Read more

Benefits of a Supply Chain Best Practice Reference Framework

Stopwatch at Sunset

Particularly in the supply chain, good performance is above all the result of good processes, followed by committed teams… To establish these processes and define a supply chain improvement path, you need a compass. In my professional experience, I have been successively responsible for the supply chain of several companies. From the very first weeks … Read more

Combining Productivity and Agility: the Planning Wheel

Pinwheel inside of a factory

Production planning means striking a balance between shop floor efficiency and the agility required to meet customer needs. Planners and schedulers are torn between the injunctions of customers, production, and finance – reducing lead times, serving new urgent orders, resources optimization, limiting the time spent on changeovers, stabilizing the schedule, not being under constant stress … Read more

The Gas Plant Supply Chain

The complex internal features of a gas plant

Global companies often have “gas plant” supply chains. For all sorts of reasons – historical, internal politics, IT, etc. – everything seems to have been done to make things more complex. Organizations are fragmented.  Of course, if you’re a global corporation, you need to structure teams into manageable entities, so it’s necessary to articulate business … Read more