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S&OP – Increasing Profits Under Constrained Capacity

An hourglass with sand flowing through the narrow center, set against a dark background with floating and scattered dollar bills, symbolizing the concept of time and money.

A company seeks to satisfy the demand of its market – and therefore to ensure the availability of the goods and services it provides. A company faces capacity constraints – machines, people, skills, materials. To remain sustainable, a company must generate profitability – i.e. cash flow in excess of expenditure. Balancing availability, capacity, and profitability is therefore at the heart of day-to-day operations, and this balance must be assured for the future. All in … Read more

Fighting Demand Driven Untruths

Wooden Pinocchio's nose caught in a mouse trap

The world of supply chain experts loves a good turf war.  When, ten years ago, I began to take an interest in the subject and to promote Demand Driven tactics in France, it was because they echoed in a relevant way my then almost 30 years of industrial experience in several industries. What appealed to … Read more

Mastering Timely Decision Making in Supply Chain Management

Man leaning back on a chair sitting his legs on a large clock

In our education, delaying work is not good. If you’re in the supply chain business, you’re even more inclined to anticipate – you’re resolutely forward-looking. If you’re in the supply chain business, you like to get things done, and make decisions – you’re resolutely action-oriented. These two qualities combined, plus a little friendly pressure from … Read more

Supply Chain Digitization – You Want to Reinvent the Wheel?

Automated Robots Manufacturing a Wheel

We meet companies who are investing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in their own digitalization projects – systems designed to meet their specific supply chain processes. It’s the “yes, but it’s different here” syndrome.   There are solutions on the market that allow for extreme customization solutions, in all areas of the game: … Read more