“I used to download multiple sales reports for each location, each week, and average them out manually, now we can do that daily, in a matter of minutes.”

Christopher Veck, CIO

Business Challenge

Miansai is an accessory brand with a unique, recognizable aesthetic. With pieces sourced from fine Italian leathers, pure
precious metals, and custom-made marine grade ropes, Miansai is sold around the world, both online and at flagship stores in Soho and Venice Beach.

Accessory brand Miansai had grown quickly since its inception in 2008. Yet the retail landscape was changing fast, and the large department stores it once relied on were setting increasingly onerous terms.

Miansai’s online business was thriving, as were sales at its flagship retail and pop-up stores. Yet CIO Christopher Veck says his team was struggling with a homegrown inventory planning process, which relied on spreadsheet analysis and took up to 10 hours each week. Instead of tracking finished goods, Miansai manages more than 1,000 modular components—pieces of metal, rope, and leather cords—that can be combined to make different products. Analyzing which items were in demand at which locations was cumbersome and difficult.


After a chance encounter with an Intuiflow representative at SuiteWorld, Veck realized that the native to NetSuite solution could automatically align Miansai’s planning with demand across retail outlets—and deliver faster and more reliable insights into which items where needed where.

Implementation began in January 2020; by March, Veck’s team had installed Intuiflow in Miansai’s warehouse. Retail installation followed soon after, a decision that yielded unexpected advantages during the global pandemic.


The most immediate benefit that Veck saw with Intuiflow was time. “I used to download multiple sales reports for each location, each week, and average them out manually,” he explained. “Now we can do that daily, in a matter of minutes.” Intuiflow made it easy to understand trends across components that were used in multiple finished products and source the correct amounts.

Intuiflow also increased the company’s agility during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Retail sales dropped precipitously, but online orders exploded. To relieve the strain on its warehouse, the company turned its retail stores into shipping locations, relying on Intuiflow to maintain inventory levels. Online sales were up 70% year-over-year in January 2021, but the company maintained timely delivery by shipping 30% of all orders from its stores.

And in an era where nearly all consumer companies are struggling to maximize the utility of their retail stores, that agility represents a substantial competitive advantage.

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