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This is Not a Constraint; This is a Gem!

By Bernard Milian

Theory of constraints sometimes uses terminology that discourages us from taking the right perspective. If, like me, you have a somewhat rebellious mindset, controlling constraints isn’t very inspiring.

Yet the message is absolutely relevant. In any system, there are control points that determine the throughput, cadence, and sequence of our manufacturing system and our ability to respond to customers. These control points should be the focus of all our managerial attention. Any mismanagement of these control points creates ripples throughout the entire system.

But that’s a good thing. Production planners and operations managers almost always have more on their plate than they can handle. Knowing where our constraints are allows us to focus our attention not only on the points we can control, but on the points we must control.

So, let’s change our perspective: these are not “constraints” or “weakest links” as the literature often calls them. They are the most precious resources we have at our disposal. These are gems. Be grateful for them!

The Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) defined by the Demand Driven Institute sets up the mechanisms that enable us to focus on these leverage points.

DBR+, a DDOM Compliant solution from Demand Driven Technologies, helps you protect and leverage your constraints so that you can focus on the real priorities that allow you to serve and delight your customers. Learn more about DBR+ by visiting us on the web.

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